Enjoy this gallery of Hamsphire’s pups. More detailed information regarding Hampshire Kennels adoptions can be found below.

*Special thanks to our adopters for the photo shares.

What to expect from your new Griffon pup: 

Our pups are examined by our veterinarian, deemed healthy and free of inherited defects, parasites, and contagious disease .  They are ready for adoption at 7 weeks of age.  All pups receive the following before adoption:

  • DHPPc #1 of 4 vaccine at 6 weeks (Distemper/Parvo) , Bordetella 1y vaccine (kennel cough) 
  • Deworming (Pyrantel, Panacur) @ 3, 5, 7 weeks 
  • Microchip implantation, lifetime registration, AKC litter registration number, NAVHDA individual registration
  • Fecal testing at 3 weeks, 7 weeks 
  • Physical exam by DVM, health guarantee
  • Heartgard (heartworm prev) 1 doses, Nexgard 1 doses (flea/tick prev) – covers from 6-10 weeks of age.  Hampshire’s Veterinarian will authorize rx’s for 1 year of Heartworm/Flea prevention via chewy.com or Petmeds.com

Pup training: We work with each pup from 4-8 weeks on acclimation to the environment, socialization with humans/cats/dogs/birds, and jobs for which they are intended.  We begin obedience training at a basic level to pave the way for a well-mannered puppy in their new home. 

What we ask of adopters:

We screen all applicants to ensure you know what to expect of the breed and we honor a guarantee on pups through 12 months of age*.  A contract will be emailed to you for your review. The contract will strongly encourage your participation in a NAVHDA Natural Abilities test near you before 16 months of age. NA test results provide us with the data necessary to ensure we are producing excellent pups. Hampshire Kennels will pay 1/2 of the NA test fee. We also hope that you are willing to raise your pup properly by facilitating exercise, offering proper veterinary care, and honing the skills he/she was bred to perform. We ask permissions to follow-up with all adopters for the life of each animal to ensure we are aware of any latent medical issues which may be pertinent to our breeding lines. If you wish to adopt a puppy for future breeding purposes, our contract terms lay out specific requirements which must be met before breeding.

*Hampshire Kennels does not honor medical guarantees for infectious disease beyond 7 days from adoption as well as traumatic or preventable diseases from the time of release.