We appreciate your interest in our dogs and look forward to talking more about adding a pup to your family!

-William Baxter & Dr. Dayna Baxter

Owners, Hampshire Kennels


Bear with us as we build our kennel family.  Currently, we are a small operation of 2 dogs.  We introduce one dog at a time after careful selection and research.  

Requirements of our breeding line:

All of our dogs are healthy, conformationally sound, and fully vaccinated/dewormed to ensure proper immunity for the pups. 

We adopt our breeding line dogs from reputable kennels @ 6-8 weeks of age and train extensively from day one to maximize their skill set, endurance and obedience.  It is important to allow these dogs to work and reach their fullest potential.  We also want our dogs to be socially adept, patient, and trustworthy for families with small children and other pets. The exercise program for our dogs includes long distance running, swimming and track/retrieve activities using: pheasant, quail, ducks, and small mammals. Our breeding females have passed the NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) Natural Abilities Test (NA) by the age of 16 months.  Their hips and elbows/shoulders/eyes must be certified as good to excellent by official OFA radiograph and ophthalmic screening at 2 years. Comprehensive thyroid testing must be normal after 12 months. 

Stud dogs must meet the NA standard, are preferably UT tested, and must pass orthopedic, ophthalmic and thyroid screening as well.  At current, we select Studs from outside of our kennel to ensure proper genetic diversity.

Current breeding line dogs: 

Pearl: Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, OFA/AKC/NAVHDA registered, NA test score: 106, prize II

Pearl’s Pedigree: http://www.navhda.us/Reports/ReportToPDF.aspx?FN=PedigreeOfficeDistShort&single=true&ExportType=PDF&ExportBookmarks=false&blnPedigree=0&strStartNAVHDANum=008384&strEndNAVHDANum=008384&strRegNum=SR98695203&strBreedCd=GR

Pearl is a fantastic mix of worker and family dog.  She enjoys all dogs and humans and is very loving when she is “off-the-job”.  Without any formal training, Pearl scored extremely well on her NA test at 9 months of age.  She is a cooperative and patient dog who listens well and aims to please.  If you ask Pearl to sit and stay, then get distracted by a phone call, you will come to find her exactly as you left her 20 minutes later.  She is an excellent athlete, running upwards of 15 miles for endurance at times and loves to swim.  Physically, she is really a gorgeous example of a WPG with a soft coat and blonde highlights on her face.  She has more of a red tone and lots of white with a slender and feminine facial structure.  Pearl has a beautifully athletic figure and the best personality we have seen in a Griff thus far.  

Turk (female):  Pudelpointer, NAVDHA/AKC registered, NA test: 110/Prize 1

Turk’s Pedigree: http://www.navhda.us/Reports/ReportToPDF.aspx?FN=PedigreeOfficeDistShort&single=true&ExportType=PDF&ExportBookmarks=false&blnPedigree=0&strStartNAVHDANum=005240&strEndNAVHDANum=005240&strBreedCd=PP

Turk is a natural.  Ripsnorter’s Kennel gave us some magic with this girl.  She is a tomboy with an outstanding retrieving drive.  It’s possible she would die if left at a tennis court with an auto-server…she just won’t stop.  Like Pearl, Turk also is very eager to please and enjoys learning new skills.  Despite being rough-and-tumble, she has a soft side, snuggling up with the family whenever possible.  Her tracking and pointing skills are spot-on, straight out of the gates.  Pudelpointers have a broad variety of looks: some with very little accent coat, others fully bearded.  We call Turk “The bristle brush” .  She isn’t mistaken for a Lab, as she has lots of accent hair mainly on her head, face/beard  Although her accent coat is a little thicker than the undercoat, it is soft and not wiry.  She has a small patch of white on her chest.  Turk has so much character and  is a perfect example of what good breeders can produce.  We so look forward to breeding her once her health screening is complete. 

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